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Chicken Wings & Garlic Croutons (710 g) 460 r.
Hot chicken wings, crispy rye croutons with salt and garlic, with traditional Russian pickles, tomato sauce and cream sauce.
Fish & Prawns (580 g) 585 r.
Local specialty Baikal omul, lox, King prawns, typical Russian pickles and fried new potatoes. Served with cream sauce.


Borsch with Pirozhok (pie) (260/45/50 g) 195 р.
The traditinal highlight of a Russian diner. Thick soup with beetroots, cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables. Served with a pie and thick sour cream.
Chicken Noodle Soup (255) 130 r.
Clear chicken soup with home-style noodles.
Chicken Soup (260/45 g) 155 rub.

Clear chicken soup with a hard-boiled egg and fresh herbs. Served with our specialty home-made pie with meat filling.

Rich Fish Soup (300 g) 240 rub.

Aromatic soup made from salmon, sea bass and cod, new potatoes, best tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Bread and Bakery

Cabbage pie (45 g) 35 rub.
Hot Buns (3 pieces) (120/20 g) 75 rub.
A basket of hot freshly baked buns with butter. We bake buns right before serving them.
Hot Buns with Red Caviar (120/20/30 g) 260 rub.
Hot freshly baked buns with red caviar and butter.
Hot Buns with Salmon (120/20/60 g) 220 rub.
Freshly baked buns with salmon and butter.
Meat pie (45 g) 45 rub.

To wash down with beer or vodka

Baikal Omul (70/130 g.) 230 r.
Legendary fish from the world’s cleanest lake. Served with warm new potatoes. Taste the mildly salted Omul once and you will never forget its exquisite taste.
Chicken Wings (200/50 g.) 210 r.
Spicy chicken wings with tomato sauce with diced vegetables.
Garlic Toasts (130 g.) 75 rub.
Crispy toasts made from Borodinsky rye bread with caraway, salt and garlic.
Herring & New Potatoes (70/100/30 g) 120 r.
Tender salted herring with new potatoes, fresh herbs and succulent onion rings.
Meat Aspic (150/20 g) 160 r.

Home-style beef-and-pork aspic. Served with aromatic horseradish sauce

Mushrooms en Cocotte (150 g) 155 rub.
Classic hot appetizer made of julienned mushrooms, baked with Bechamel creamy sauce under a thin cheese crust.
Pickles (420 g.) 230 rub.
A platter of traditional Russian pickles including sauerkraut, cucumbers, tomatoes, honey mushrooms and red onions.
Skewered Prawns (140/180 g) 340/440 r.

King prawns, grilled in garlic cream sauce.

medium (9-11 pieces)

regular (14-16 pieces)


Ambassador’s Salad (215 g) 220 rub.
Our response to Caesar. Mixed greens, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, quail eggs with red caviar and fresh croutons under a light sauce.
Beetroot Salad (200/27 g.) 120 rub.
A bright mix of boiled vegetables with sunflower oil.
Herring Salad (200/25 g) 145 rub.
A modern interpretation of granny’s recipe. Russians’ favorite starter of mildly cured herring topped with layers of cooked potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot and light mayonnaise.
Olivier (227 g) 150/130/180 r.

The Great russian salad:

classic (with ham)


with beef meat


Warm Chicken Salad (100/230/50 g) 260 r.
Mouthwatering grilled chicken breast slices, broccoli, green beans, baby carrots, button mushrooms and new potatoes with specialty cream sauce.