Malina Piggy Bank

Don’t miss the opportunity to be rewarded for a meal at our restaurant! Join the MALINA™ Program!

MALINA™ – is a new family-oriented accumulative program.

PLACE YOUR ORDERS, as usual, at Rosinter Restaurants locations, buy goods and services from other MALINA™ partners;

ACCUMULATE points on your family MALINA™ card;

TAKE ADVANTAGE of the special offers and get EXPRESS points in addition to the regular points;

ENJOY a vast range of rewards.

Joining MALINA™ needs no additional charges. You will place your orders at restaurants and do the every-day shopping as usual. However, from now on, you’ll gain points for those orders and purchases. The points will accumulate on your MALINA™ and you’ll be able to exchange them for a variety of rewards featured in the MALINA™ catalogue.

More information about MALINA™

Use the offer an unlimited number of times during 10 days (2 days before and 7 days after your birthday).

* 5,000 additional EXPRESS points are awarded once a day.

E.g., spend 6,000 rubles and get 1,800 regular points + 6,000 EXPRESS points + 5,000 EXPRESS points. The total is 12,800 points! The number of parties is not limited. The offer is on 2 days before 7 days after the actual birthday!

Together with MALINA™, make your birthday an unforgettable experience!